Two Become One

I dreampt a dream
of agony that gleamed
no real me
just a drop of water in the sea
the carnage i create
is fueled by my never ending hate
for mankind’s hypocratic state
change the story a thousand times
all of them to refelct your lies
i wade through your decay
caused by the chaos and dismay
you caused with your self indulgent mind
but in the world it’s hard to find
a beauty you can bind
trap and hold in your embrace
and stare in it’s perfect face
this is why i go
make a spectacle, a grandiose show
treadging through the flowers and filth
on my way to sterility
and purity that lies behind
the velvet curtain in the back of our minds
i finally found my way
through the chaos and dismay

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Random inspiration, keeping me awake till early morning

let the waves of carcinogen and caffeine crush me
let my addiction number my days
count them like minutes on a clock
watch as my chest stops to heave
see my last breathe escape me
flee my body
between these two lips
take these words to my grave
“I will get my revenge”
clench your picture in my fist
burn away the curtain of dreams
set fire to the memories i leave
go out with a vengeance only madmen can parade
take it to my plot
six feet beneath your gaze
the funeral march, a mockery to see
dance on my tomb while I plot your doom in hell
a murderous mane done in before his time
caffeine and carcinogen crush my dreams
fuel my imagination with new ways to die
detach myself from reality and spectate what follows
this page splattered with blood
this crimson stain, your last words to me
another end to a chapter of life
went back to hell and took you with me
i destroyed all that you fucking are
demolished your memories
exposed you for the bastard you are
chisled your name on the tombstone they gave you
I spit on your grave

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Prophetic Visions of A Biblical Annihilation

spells chanted, dazed in a supernatural high
words ring out the mouths of the damned
eclectic ceremony, ancient runes
offerings made whole, covenants sealed
the earth trembles, heavens shake
humble beings gather ’round
watch as they get what they asked for
fault lines form, the ground splits in two
fire bellows from below
spit forh into the world
the seals broke and trumpets sang
creatures roam and horsemen ride
a great battle erupts
brother kills brother
swords clash and spark wash over the battlefield
dust settles and blood stains the land
a self-righteous man claims victor
imprisonment for a thousand years
our eternal hell

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black, bitter, yet sweet
hated at first, now my life
coffee is my god


angel of my dreams
i’ve waited so long for you
you’re mine forever

“Christian Bale Is Hot”

hey Paul, my old friend
your face looks great on my axe
i killed Paul Allen


apathetic smile
wander aimlessly through life
keeping to myself

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Wrong Way Road

chaotic, spasmotic, jerking and twisting.
neurosis in my mind, insomniatic in my heart
joy clashes with repulsion
hate with fear
love destroys empathy, and breaks apart the ties
ash rests on the steering wheel
headfirst into the wall
my strength regains, i’m ready to fight again
hammer out the kinks, bring order to the mess
a quick glimpse of insanity
lead to turbulation
connect the pieces and soder them back
whole again, i know vertigo
those days gone by
quick to flee
composer regains, i know sanity
confused at the fray
try to cope with what i saw
it’s over now, and things go back to normal
repeat the same routine
double check my theory
through the confusion i ride
on her black wings

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Her Ghost, My Guide

I let the right one in
Fell in love with Beauty incarnate
Your imbrace warm and your kiss sweet
Cyanide for my soul, you end my pain
This light shines on my skin
Time flees and I’m lost in glory
A world consumed by flames we started
Make our love the cause and eternity the cure
In joy and sorrow I’m yours
Your pretty face veiled by the rush of emotion
Let’s walk hand in hand through this ugly world
Together we laugh at the lies
We see the truth but make our own
Lead the way into infinity
Devotion to a portrait of beauty
My faith in you is never ending
Hear your voice in complete silence
See your face in utter darkness
I give you my all
My complete self
This world is shit without you beside me
Emptiness filled by your love
No longer do I feel shattered
Picked up the pieces of my heart and made this portrait
Hold me through blackest day and brightest night
You bring a meaning to the endless confusion
Never shall I stop fighting for you
I feel whole in your arms

I love you


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Bottle and a Blade

There are two things I love
My bottle and my blade
Burned by the fire that consumes me
Pain and sorrow shatter my soul
This loss might be great
Drink my despair and bleed my pain
The cold steel touches my flesh
Just like the cold glass touches my lips
One person gone, tonight might make two

Worried about the consequences
Nothing seems to change my mind
Helplessness and inebriation guide my thoughts
Speak from the heart but confused by the gut
Instinct kicks in but i fight it
Losing her would be the death of me
Can’t decide if i should leave a note

When the whiskey hits and the music plays
I feel relieved and can believe
That I can make it out alright
But it looks like to night
Doesn’t looks so bright

I feel like death but i muster on
Hell could be worse but I can beat it
Sold my sould so you would stay
I realise now I was a fool

Come to terms with my demise
Make this all a lie
Overreact to the issues at hand
hours pass and it slowly fades away
Peace for now but later is unknown
Tomorrow brings hope for change
But tonight i sleep forever

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